Admirably energy-efficient

City Multi VRF outdoor units

The new generation of City Multi outdoor units is geared logically to seasonal energy efficiency in cooling and heating mode. Its impressive features include an expanded capacity range of up to 150 kW, 90 m pipe length from the first distributor and a significant increase in efficiency.

  • High seasonal energy efficiency all year round
  • World's first aluminium flat tube heat exchanger in a VRF system
  • Increased heating comfort during defrosting
  • Variable evaporation temperature

High seasonal energy efficiency thanks to innovative technology

The new City Multi outdoor units were developed with the focus on seasonal efficiency. The result is improved efficiency levels of up to 47% and 21% in cooling and heating mode respectively. This has been made possible by the use of a new and innovative aluminium flat tube heat exchanger with an enlarged heat transfer surface and lower pressure drop. Mitsubishi Electric is the world's first manufacturer to equip a VRF system with this technology. Another new addition is the high-efficiency compressor, the characteristics of which have likewise been optimised for high seasonal efficiency.

More comfort

The outdoor unit has a variable evaporation temperature, i.e. as soon as the room temperature approaches the set target values, the evaporation temperature is increased. And the two sections of the heat exchanger are defrosted alternately ("comfort heating") to ensure that heat output is also available during defrosting. The maintenance tool software can be used to enter functional settings for ease of configuration.


Admirably flexible

City Multi VRF 4-way ceiling cassette in Euro grid

The slim, elegant City Multi VRF 4-way ceiling cassette in Euro grid is ideal for use in suspended ceilings, e.g. in office buildings, hotels and shopping centres. Its distinguishing feature is its extremely quiet operation, while its horizontal air flow ensures draught-free air distribution.

  • Extremely compact design
  • Horizontal air flow for draught-free blow out
  • Simple installation
  • High energy efficiency

Reduced casing height and several capacity sizes

The product portfolio covers output classes from 1.7 to 6.0 kW. With an installation height of just 245 mm, the cassette fits into narrow cavities. The panel fits a ceiling element in Euro grid perfectly, guaranteeing a neat ceiling appearance.

Optional 3D i‑see sensor for additional energy savings

The optionally available 3D i‑see sensor detects the room temperature down to floor level as well as the number and position of people in the room. The air flow is controlled accordingly, with the occupation level being calculated and the output adapted to this. If the room is no longer in use, the unit switches off automatically if desired.

Horizontal air guidance and quiet operation

The newly developed 3D turbofan reduces the sound pressure level by up to 4 dB. Thanks to improved air flow control, the blowing direction can be set horizontally. The conditioned air circulates indirectly and without creating draughts (Coanda effect).

Assembly aid without loss of screws

The screws on the switch box and panel no longer have to be completely unscrewed; loosening is sufficient. Temporary suspension by hooks on the panel and eyes on the cassette also aid installation. The delivery head of the condensate pump has been increased from 500 to 850 mm. An installation template is provided as before.


Admirably unobtrusive

City Multi VRF ceiling concealed units

The ceiling concealed units offer suitable specifications for any application. They permit a variable through-flow, the relevant service components are easily accessible and they have a low installation height. The PEFY‑P VMS1‑E  models in particular have a distinctive low casing height of just 200 mm.

  • Low installation heights
  • Static compression from 5 to 250 Pa
  • Extremely service­friendly
  • Special functions e.g. for use in hotels

Quiet operation

Thanks to a new generation of fans, the ceiling concealed units PEFY‑P15/20/25VMS1‑E have a very low noise level in spite of their low installation height of 200 mm. At just 22 dB(A) it is in the small fan range.

Ideal for hotels

The PEFY‑VMR‑E‑L was designed specifically for use in hotel rooms. The sound pressure level is a low 21 dB(A). A contact is located as standard on the circuit board of the indoor units that can be activated directly by a card reader. The air conditioning is switched on or off as soon as the guest enters or leaves the room.

Powerful yet service­friendly

The PEFY‑VMH(S)‑E models with high static compression and horizontal through-flow are used especially where long air ducts have to be installed. Relevant service components such as fan roll and fan motor are easily accessible via an inspection opening.


Admirably monovalent

City Multi VRF BC Controller

The BC Controller acts as the interface between outdoor and indoor units, enabling heating and cooling to be operated simultaneously. It distributes the refrigerant according to requirements for heating in gaseous form or for cooling in a liquid state.

  • Permits heating and cooling in simultaneous operation
  • Interface between outdoor and indoor units
  • Energy-saving operation with heat recovery
  • Patented technology

The heart of the R2 technology

The BC Controller is a central refrigerant distributor, which is used as a common interface between outdoor and indoor units. It functions according to the functional principle of 2-conductor technology (R2 technology).

R2 technology, in which both liquid and gaseous refrigerant is conducted in a common pipe, is unique throughout the world and has been patented. It is made possible by precise pressure and temperature maintenance in the connecting lines between outdoor unit and BC Controller.

Intelligent heat recovery

The refrigerant distributor together with the outdoor unit forms a cooling and control technical unit, thus facilitating heat recovery. The simultaneous heating and cooling mode of the system is based on differentiating between the two operating modes "mainly heating mode" or "mainly cooling mode". Surplus heat from one room with a cooling requirement is supplied via the R2 system to another room with a heating requirement.

Low assembly outlay

Up to 50 indoor units can be connected via BC Controller to just one outdoor unit with just two pipelines. In a two-pipeline system, fewer soldering points are required, thus fewer joints exist in the system, reducing the leakage-risks. Up to 950 metres of pipe can be laid with the R2 system and a maximum of 2,000 indoor units controlled centrally.


Admirably combined

Hybrid BC Controller

The Hybrid BC Controller is the heart of the Hybrid City Multi system – the world's first 2‑conductor system that combines the advantages of a direct evaporation system with those of a water-based system. The Hybrid BC Controller features plate heat exchangers, in which the heat exchange between refrigerant and water takes place.

  • Much lower refrigerant quantity
  • Higher energy efficiency due to heat recovery
  • Customised comfort thanks to simultaneous cooling and heating
  • Low maintenance, reliable operation

The best of two worlds

The Hybrid BC Controller assumes responsibility for the heat exchange between a refrigerant-based external circuit and water-based internal circuit. The Hybrid BC Controller is a central constituent of the HVRF system, consisting of an R2 outdoor unit in the City Multi system, the Hybrid BC Controller and special indoor units, which are equipped with a water coil.

Heat exchange between refrigerant and water

Refrigerant is used to carry energy between the outdoor unit and the Hybrid BC Controller. From the Hybrid BC Controller conditioned water is carried to the indoor units, which are specially equipped with a water coil. The inverter-driven pumps are built in and pump the water to the last indoor unit at up to 60 metres away, adjusting the quantity of water circulating individually to suit the output requirement. Each individual indoor unit can be operated independently in heating or cooling mode.

For high demands in respect of comfort and efficiency

The Hybrid City Multi system was developed especially to meet the demands of modern building architecture with high demands in respect of efficiency and comfort, such as office buildings or hotels.



HVRF outdoor units

The outdoor units of both the R2 (air-cooled) and the WR2 (water-cooled) series stand out thanks to their large performance range, peak values in terms of energy efficiency and high operating reliability. Your inverter-driven compressor has almost infinitely variable control and only delivers the output actually required in the building. In combination with the refrigerant R410A top efficiency values are achieved. The units can be connected to building management systems using various interfaces.

  • Series PURY-EP, PURY-P and PQRY-P
  • Sizes with refrigerating capacities between 22.4 kW – 56.0 kW and 25.0 kW – 63.0 kW
  • Communication between outdoor and indoor units takes place via the M-Net data bus

Admirably comfortable

HVRF indoor units

The wide range of indoor units within the Hybrid City Multi system enables climate control in rooms of all kinds. The 4-way-ceiling cassettes as well as the duct installation units and the floor-standing units feature compact dimensions, allowing them to fit easily into the most diverse installation conditions. Other convincing advantages, such as quiet operation, high static pressing, variable air flow controls and many other additional functions characterise a convenient and energy-efficient system that operates reliably.

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Pleasant comfort
  • Incorporation into different architectural designs

Admirably comfortable

City Multi VRF local remote controller

The local remote controllers from Mitsubishi Electric not only offer comfort at the touch of a button; they boast a multitude of intelligent functions too. The sensors of the PAR-U02MEDA, for example, detect whether people are present in the room and adjust the air conditioning perfectly to meet the requirement.

  • Menu guidance in eight languages
  • Timer function for individual programming
  • Dual setpoint function for individual setpoint specification for cooling and heating mode
  • User-friendly operation and modern design

Comfort at the touch of a button

Operation of the local remote controllers is simple and intuitive. Clear symbols on the keys and displays guide the user descriptively through the menu. Operating states are clearly signalled. For larger premises, several indoor units can be combined into groups and operated simultaneously.

Intelligent functions, simple operation

The PAR‑32MAA is the ideal choice for all users who value simple, convenient operation and low-key, modern design. It combines all functions clearly in the minimum of space. The backlit, high-resolution display is clearly legible in all light conditions.

The local remote controller PAR‑U02MEDA excels on account of its intelligent functions in particular. Sensors detect the daylight intensity as well as the presence of people in the room and switch the air conditioning to the correspondingly desired operating mode. If the room is not in use, energy-saving mode is activated. Control is child's play thanks to the large touch screen. In addition, the current operating mode is signalled by colour‑LEDs.

The compact remote controller PAC‑YT52CRA was designed especially for hotel rooms. To make operation as easy as possible, only the essential basic functions are provided. Other functions can be blocked individually. The display is backlit and easy on the eye, enabling the remote controller to be used in all locations with a frequent changeover of operating staff.


Admirably intelligent

City Multi VRF central control system

Mitsubishi Electric opens up all the possibilities offered by convenient and intelligent control of air conditioning systems. The AE-200E is just one variant of the versatile centralised control solutions that can manage up to 200 indoor units individually or in groups. With a user-friendly interface on a 10.4" backlit touch-panel.

  • Web functionality
  • Individual energy cost calculation
  • Solutions for controlling up to 2,000 indoor units
  • Integration into higher-level building services technology

Perfect air conditioning management

Central remote controllers for City Multi systems render the operation and monitoring of air conditioning effortless for a number of rooms up to complex buildings. The air conditioning management can be integrated into the building services technology and records the energy requirement of rooms and buildings in detail. Up to 2,000 indoor units can be operated in this way at the press of a button, click or touch of a finger - all from a central location and by glancing at the screen, tablet or display. All central control­systems can be networked and can be operated if desired in the web browser of your PC. This is also possible across the globe with a telephone connection or Internet.

Convenient management

The City Multi VRF central controller AE‑200E has a 10.4" backlit touch-panel with which the indoor units connected can be operated centrally on a graphical interface. If desired, the system configuration is also visualised clearly and transparently with the individual floor plan of the building, enabling the operating status of individual air conditioning units to be recognised at a glance. The energy consumption is displayed in clear diagrams, also in the web-browser, and can be compared with reference to a wide range of parameters.

Higher-level series and system control

As well as comprehensive control solutions for VRF systems, additional input and output modules along with interfaces with the other Mitsubishi Electric product series and all common bus systems offer a host of other control options.

Admirably informed

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